So I`ve been having a strange feeling that i`ve been missing out since all of my characters are on Riddermark. Perhaps it`s the ‘grass is greener on the other side syndrome’ but i`ve decided to take a break from Riddermark and look for a RP world for the sake of working out Tolkien lore and role play all the same.

So the adventure begins…i`ve started a warden on the Landroval server. Hopefully there will be some new experiences waiting for me there. I suppose i hope this move will reinvent my LOTRO experience.

And it`s not that there’s aproblem with riddermark, far from it, i still consider it home! I just amtired of the same raids and repetitive blah of the GLFF channel.

And i expect to find a similar feel on the other servers but perhaps with a greater appreciation for lore and/or roleplay.

So this becomes a social experiment to see if i`m just behind or if there are other people and higher populations on the other servers.


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