Father Of Winter

It’s that time of year again! The snow’s falling in Winter-Home, people are smothering beggars with their horses and Standing Stone Games are delivering on brand-new designs that really are pleasing!

For this outfit I wanted to do something a little more bold. Stepping out from the light blues of last year’s outfit, this outfit has more of the “folk-santa” look with a bit of brawn from Bjornmund.

This look incorporates some of the better pieces that I’ve gotten from this festival over the past two years. The shoulders from last year mixed so well with the chest-piece of this year that I had most of an outfit already.

I’ve said it every SINGLE time I make a yule festival outfit, but this is still one of my favorite festivals. Something about the beautiful town and surrounding area never makes me feel bored or tired of it.

This is also the first of the Beorning Cosmetics that I’ve featured! I’m planning on making a good many more in the future! Enjoy the Festival and the Holidays!

Head: Traveller’s Hood: Burgundy : Availible from the Store

Shoulders: Fur Mantle | Walnut Brown | Availible from the Yule Rewards Vendor

Chest: Vestments of the Northern Sky| Burgundy | Availible from the Yule Rewards Vendor

Hands| Ceremonial Engraved Iron Gauntlets| Burgundy | Dunland Quest Reward

Feet | Dirtied Work Boots | Washed | Beorning Intro Quests


The Plague Bearer

As the Time of the Elves draws to a close the Age of Man comes into it’s own. Agents of sauron still seek to take Middle Earth for their own and find a way to raise the dark lord from his banishment.


To that end they employ terrible power still and seek to use every advantage to wipe out the New West. One great tool that effects men greater than that of the elves is disease.


Plagues haunt men more than any other of the free peoples. They are susceptible to the unseen pestilence that breaks their bodies, spoils their hearts and churns their minds.


It was a great plague that brought Arnor to it’s knees. So great was the pestilence that effected that kingdom that there are still reminders of it to this day. Stories are still told about the legacy of that plague. The bodies that were locked away in the barrow downs found no rest. For once the plague took the bodies, it delivered them to the Dark Lord’s will.


Barrows and mounds now lay thick with legends and darkness. No other influence of the enemy holds quite the same grip on the hearts of men. In this new age of man, pestilence and disease hold the key to conquer. Through this unseen enemy the dark lord’s designs are carried out in his absence. Though wars can be won and darkness can be banished, disease carries on unseen. Perhaps of all the Dark Lord’s [implements] it’s disease and the fear that precedes it, that will remain the longest into this new age.

This outfit is one I was glad to put together, though I’ll admit that I only made minor changes to the standard set. I was excited to see the fall festival come with an extra layer of creepy this year.

Head: Mask of the Autumn Wanderer | Grey | Fall Festival Cosmetic

Shoulders: Dunland Caretakers Patched Mantle | Grey | Dunland Quest Reward

Chest: Travelling Robes of the Autumn Wanderer | Black | Fall Festival Cosmetic

Back: Arent Cloak of the Wold | Black | Rohan Quest Reward

Hands: Fingerless Gloves | Black | Yule Festival Meta-Quest Reward

Feet: Dirtied Work Boots | Brown | Beorning Intro Quests

Staff: Smooth Black Ash Staff of Combat | Craftable

Region Spotlight: Wistmead

Happy Harvest Festival! Come and join the hobbits of the shire in the latest installment of treats and tricks in this most notable of festivals. Looking for spookes and scares? Look no further than the newly renovated Wistmead!


The Camp of Wistmead is your haunted destination for a set of brand new thrills and frights. All the result of great toil and hard work by crafts-hobbits who worked to achieve the vision of [hobbit name here].


The tastes of the festival are abundant with great feasting tables featuring seasonal dishes prepared with that hobbit-kitchen care that we’ve all come to know and love. Pies, meats and even a special brew for the festival are all waiting for your appetite!

Festival Grounds

If it’s fun you’re looking for, a brand new wheat-maze promises a grand time for the whole family. Wander the ways here looking for your way out. Who knows what you might encounter along the way!


For the more adventurous, Wistmead offers foggy trails, a graveyard, a mysterious pond and other ruined locations for you to explore. Many of the abandoned structures have been here on the land for many long years. Though not much is known of the acreage before it’s abandonment and recent renovation, each structure holds secrets just waiting to be explored!


Please not that Wistmead staff and ownership are not responsible for any lost, damaged or cursed, personal belongings, tweens, or children. The lands here are theatrically built to frighten and some may find the experiences, unsettling, and even ‘adventurous‘. If you are not one to partake in such spirits and uncomfortable ventures, the staff kindly ask you to not participate.

“Smashing! – A wonderful success!” – The Old Took Society

“We can only hope there will be something grand found in the haunts of the wonders in Wistmead” – The Mathom House

4/5 Gaffer’s Thumbs up | 90% Rotten Lobielia’s

Region Spotlight: The Lone Lands


Once the Anchient Kingdom of Arnor had fallen, it was divided into three states of the Dunedain of the North. Because of a disagreement of the three brothers of King Eärendur. Each brother recived one peice. These soon became independant states, which were Cardolan, Arthedain, and Rhudaur. The contention between the three kingdoms was largely over the line of Isildur which, in the kingdoms of Cardolan and Rhudaur, diminished quickly.

However the Line held in Arthedain, which held dominion over Weathertop (Amon Sul) and this area now known as the Lone Lands. About T.A. 1272 Orcs began to trouble the region and The Which King had established a new kingdom to the North, Angmar. During this time Argeleb I, king of Arthedain, claimed lordship over the three kingdoms as he was the remaining of the bloodline of Isildur. Rhudaur resisted this new reign and allied with Angmar. They fought for control of Weathertop and the Weather Hills became the site of many battles and warfare between the three kingdoms. After the death of Argeleb I, Cardolan was ravaged and Rhudaur was occupied by Angmar.


As the war raged on the Kingdom of Arthedain was pushed back until the battle of Fornhost in TA 1975. These lands had been barren ever since. But remnants of castles and defenses remain ruined here. They are often found to be home to new masters now. Though much less organized the ruins and fortresses house wild animals as well as brigands and outcasts.


The traveler would be wise to stay to the side of the road yet not stray so far. There is danger in both. The ruins are rarely unoccupied so camping in a group of rocks is more safe than gathering by the old stones. Fires should be kept low and out of sight. The wild animals range from cats and wolves to much worse.

A well prepared traveller would have brought provisions with them as there is little to pind in the way of food here, save for the local bobcats. Berries and nuts are scarce in the dry land so make sure to packwellandplan ahead.

Furthermore, plan the trail through these lands, make for the fastest trip. Travel by day as the road grows even darker at night. A safe stop lies at the beginning of the road at The Forsaken Inn and the last safe house remains Ost Guruth. After this make no hesitation until you reach the Trollshaws.

Region Spotlight: The Barrow Downs


There are many stories and folktales of the Borrow Downs of Breeland. The men of the nearby town tell stories of princes and kings and monsters that hunt at night. These are tales to to keep children close and at home. But these hills and mounds are more than that and hold a greater mystery and legend than merely bedtime stories.


The Barrow Downs were first inhabited by the race of men, tied to the first men in Arda, the Edain. They lived there for a time until the Easterlings moved through the area. After the War of Wrath that destroyed much of middle earth, forming it into it’s most recognized from where the Blue Mountains line the coast of the Great Sea, the Edain returned to the area and re-settled.


During the second age Elendil claimed lordship over Arnor and the Barrow Downs were incorporated into the kingdom. This place stood as a honored and well-revered burial place of the Kingdom of Cardolan. Great tombs and crypts were their kings and high officials were buried with multitudes of treasure and belongings.


After the fall of Arnor the People of Cardolan took refuge in the barrow downs and stayed there for some time. Out of Angmar there came a plague that killed many in Arthedain and Cardolan but Cardolan suffered the worst. The Dunedain retreated to the north were they resided for some time and through the second to third ages.


The Witch King of Angmar sent Spirits to haunt the barrow downs, preventing any recovery attempts by the remaining Dunedain over the years. Attempts until the Third Age were unsuccessful and they remain abandoned to today.

Rune Satchel Notes: Misty Mountain Saga Pt. 2

November 17, TA 3017

After resting and conversing with other scholars in Imladris, I set out to return to the mountain camp of Lord Gloin. This would be our base of operations, a small camp with but a few dwarves who watched the mouth of the caves and would send reports to the valley.

Lord Elrond remained in the valley to oversee our progress. Messengers would be sent to the Last Homely House and reports would return. I had spent the past few weeks collecting notes and reports of the tunnels within the mountains.


We had the opportunity to meet with an old Hobbit scholar by the name of Baggins who had seen much and wandered in the caves of the goblins for some days. He gave me some direction to other of his party who had passed through the caves some years ago. Lord Gloin was one, and Lord Dwalin, of Thorin’s hall was another. I traveled and discussed their experiences so that I may find some way through the holes and tunnels.

Their recollections did supply some important notes. There were 3 main rooms or halls that I was warned of. Their names of Thundergrot, Deep Fires and I was sent to see what remained of Gollum’s cave.

I ventured up to the passes in the mountains, Lord Gloin sent me into asses the strength of the forces in the caves. After searching and finding some orders I returned them to him for translation in The Valley.After the translation was complete the orders revealed a cooperative agreement between the goblins and orcs from Angmar. I also discovered a whole new warg breeding program. These became my objectives to disrupt and destroy.

The rabble had calmed down from the escape of the prisoners. Though it was not dissipated completely, and tensions were high in the tunnels. There were signs of ‘disagreements’ strewn all over the floor. most rooms, or halls were connected by tunnels and in both of these types of locations piles of flesh,both goblin and orc were left to rot. The stench of the rot reached everywhere and made the goblins all the more restless.

As I progressed in towards the heart of goblin town I noted a few major warg trainers and pit of which I destroyed. Hoping to lessen their numbers, and lessen the threat of trained wargs working in cooperation with the Goblins of the mountain.


The orders spoke of a cooperation between the goblins and the orcs of Angmar. This meant ill news for the misty mountains. The orcs had free roam in the tunnels and halls of the mountain but they had a central base of operations that both goblins and orcs shared. Tensions were still high after the fake orc killing I planted caused quite a riot. There became need for a representative of goblin town to watch over the orc encampment to both ensure there was no foul play on either side.

This observer controlled a great force of militarized and some what trained goblins of these tunnels and holds them in order at the same time keeping the forces of Angmar in check. Lord Gloin had ordered his death as well as that of the orc in charge of Angmar’s forces. Their removal would cause both armies to be once again, in disorder and given a few days, at war with each other.


In the same hole lived the champion of Angmar and the orcs who he had been deployed with. Their number was substantial and unlike their goblin cooperatives, they were organized and were, to some extent trained more formally. They were dispatched and the champion was challenged. He fell as he made a movement towards destroying his orders.


At the request of Lord Elrond I did not turn back there, but I continued on with the intention of exploring and mapping most of the caverns there as I could. Thankfully the goblins and orcs were distracted with the recent death of their captains and were, once again, fighting among themselves.

I found that beyond their cave trolls and their orc war-steadings they had a great many slaves digging, the weaker and smaller goblins did this simply because they lacked the strength or the cunning to do otherwise.

After a while, time is hard to tell down there, I came upon a passage. It was vacant unlike any I had passed through before. There were no messengers passing through, nor were there any wargs or great beasts that were housed here.


Something noticeable were the walls, they had paintings on them. There were no such walls that I had noticed earlier. It appeared that they depicted events in the timeline of the Goblins there. The passage was cold and silent with nothing but a few drips that made noise. As i followed the cool air down the passage there came a point where there was an eerie total silence. The light here was dim at best and one could barely see their own hand in front of their face. After feeling around for hours i came to an opening at the end of the rock wall. I slowly crept forward and stepped into an underground pool.

Gollum Cave Lotro

There was a cavern that was deep and wide with a singular island in the middle. There were remnants of fish bones and waste on the shore and what looked to be a primitive hut out of a stick and some rough-spun cloth with a great many holes and stains. Whatever lived here was gone but had made this a home for some time.

I wrote these notes down and finished my map notes of the tunnels Then made my way back to the surface. Master Bilbo was quite interested in reading my notes, but also slightly worried when i mentioned that the creature Gollum, as he informed me, had left his home. This I also reported to Lord Elrond who showed some concern but little surprise at this news. I have been able to rest here and refocus on my studies.


Emissary Log: The Northern Trade Pt. 3

November 20th, T.A. 2017

Much has taken place since my last letter. The damage done by Angmar is somewhat lessened of late. Weather it is our involvement in the area or not I cannot say, but there seems to be much less of a presence in the north here. This bodes well for trade and the locals have come to trust us more for our deeds in restoring the roads, though we are still working to trade well. In order to do so we must begin excavations soon in and around Zigilgund. But these rocks are frozen and hard with time. The Dourhands have been scattered after heroic involvement by Lord Thordri of Othrinkar and myself.


The Dourhands stood no chance as the Icecreave Mines shook with the pounding of his great hammer.  We rushed through the caves and didn’t stop until we had found the chambers of records. Lord Thordri The mighty dwarf was unstoppable as he had a score to settle with the dwarves there.We defeated their leader and reclaimed he mines for the dwarves once more. His forces stood no chane and Lord Thordri’s hammer crushed his helm at last.


Though we searched for more information won why they were digging there we could not find anything, though a large portion of the old texts of that hall were missing, destroyed by the Dourhands or from the passing of years we did not know.

This will take some time to clean and prepare for regular excavations. We reconnected the distant hunting camps with the main trade routes taking into account the dangers of the road, and capitalizing on their absence. Things are beginning to look up in the north. A time of rest is near, though not here yet. Still we are keeping guard on the road and major dangers have been dealt with, we look now to the challenge of reviving the other mines and ruins of old. There are pieces of dwarven history up here, that poke out of the drifts and glaciers. What secrets they hold, I cannot say, but It would be a loss for us not to study them.


I call for young dwarves and scholars, there is a future to dwarven involvement in this frozen land. It would be a great advantage to grow a greater relationship with these people here. If the trade from the north wishes to survive this is a necessity. We cannot give up the head-start that we have now, a great friendship is growing and there will be rough patches as with any business venture But I urge the dwarves to take losses in trade for the benefit of our friends. Trade profits for friendship and the profits will follow!